How to Sell on Amazon

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How to Sell on Amazon

Amazon is the perfect online marketplace to sell absolutely anything ranging from vintage CDs and furniture to handmade jewelry and gardening tools. While the site ensures a quick and easy sign up process with detailed how-to instructions, there are various other tips that will instantly boost your sales.

Why would we recommend selling on Amazon?

By selling on Amazon, you can instantly reach millions of potential buyers. Instead of posting on forums and smaller groups, selling on Amazon offers you the option to easily find your target audience and connect internationally on various marketplaces (such as amazon.co.uk, amazon.de and amazon.com). It is a trusted, experienced marketplace, and with the various setting options, it offers a wide range of opportunities for sellers: you can pick your own membership details, packing and shipping preferences and many more.


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The process of selling starts at the very beginning: registering and creating a seller account. While creating your account, there are various settings you can choose from to customize your account and optimize it for selling. Once you typed in your all your information (such as your credit card details, personal information, contact details and company registration details if you are selling as a professional.) If you get lost in the process or have any questions, you can always reach Amazon at their Contact Us page.

The Right Package

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Whether you only want to sell a few individual items or would like to start your own, small business and sell the products worldwide, Amazon has a package for you (you can either choose professional or individual seller). Check out the different monthly prices to consider what is going to work the best for you.

Listing Descriptions

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After signing up, you can start selling right away. When uploading your products and typing in the information, keep two very important things in mind: details and keywords.

Giving a detailed product descriptions (everything about from its condition to the quantity of the item and any personal note) will not only make sure there is no misunderstanding, but will also give a good impression to the buyer. The more information you give, the more buyers will trust you and will consider purchasing your product.

Using the Right Keywords

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When it comes to keywords, include any relevant category and word to your description – this will help buyers find your products more easily. Knowing the right keywords and creating descriptions that contain these words are especially important if you are a professional seller.

Setting the Right Prices

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One of the most crucial points of selling is the price itself. We recommend checking the competition’s prices (even if you are only selling an individual item instead of being a professional seller) to get an overall idea of the prices in your category and try to stick with that average or to boost your sales, go lower than the regular selling price.


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After creating the description, uploading the images and selecting the perfect price point, focus on the shipping options. If you want to reach a wider audience, you can add more countries and shipping options (such as international and express shipping), but if you are just selling a few items, you can limit the selling to your own country, which will make things a lot easier for you.

Once you are ready with these six steps, your product is ready to be sold on Amazon; spending just 10 extra minutes on choosing the right package for you, creating a detailed product description, researching the price and considering various shipping methods, you will be to get quicker sales and great customer reviews.

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