How to Sell on Ebay

Maximizing Your Sales

Would like to sell your old clothes or furniture? Take your small start-up business to an international selling level? Would like to find a marketplace where you can sell your hand made creations? With its quick sign up process, various help lines and seller and buyer protection system, Ebay is one of the most trusted and popular online marketplaces, and with a few easy tips, you will instantly learn how to sell on Ebay successfully.

The Short History

Since its very first version in 1995, Ebay has become one of the biggest internet companies with a multibillion dollar revenue. Ebay started offering a special mix of business-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer system with an international audience, and now, it functions in 30 different countries, with over 167 users worldwide.

Get to Know Ebay

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Understanding the selling process and maximizing your sales will be a lot easier if you spend 15-20 minutes browsing Ebay at first. If you’ve already bought/sold something there, you might be familiar with the site, but a little more research will be a huge help.

Add Your Card Details

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To become a seller on Ebay, you have to provide your personal and bank card details, as well as accepting Paypal policies. If you have any queries about the financial sign up part, contact them via e-mail or search their forums for answers.

Look Up Your Product

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Check other sellers offering the item you would like to sell, check Ebay’s seller policies and FAQ for any questions. Looking at other auctions/sales is also a great way to know more about the general prices and interest of buyers. If you can’t find an answer, don’t be afraid to post it on one of the related Ebay forums.

Create a Listing

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Aim to create a descriptive, interesting and informative product listing. Always make sure to add images (more than one if possible) and share as many details as possible. The item’s condition is extremely important: stay honest, and if there are any minor flaws, include pictures of close ups so you can avoid future complaints.

Select Pricing

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Decide whether you would like to set a fixed price for your item or start an auction. Fixed prices usually work better if you are 100% sure about how much your item’s worth, while auctions work better with more unique items (such as vintage CDs or one of a kind furniture and other collectible pieces).

Double Check Everything

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Your post is ready to go live! Make sure you check every detail again from the quality of the photos and product description to the shipping details and price to ensure there are no misunderstandings.

Getting Good Reviews

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After you make your first sale, it’s time to work on getting good reviews. You can easily become a trusted seller if you are responsive, honest and punctual. Answer any questions as quickly as possible, and always be polite to a buyer.

Got a Bad Review?

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Don’t freak out – getting bad reviews happen to us all, and you can easily manage it with answering both on your seller page and via private message. Try to stay open and discuss the details with the buyer.

Overall, Ebay can offer you endless options to sell your items and connect with potential buyers, and by using these tips, you will make sales safely and efficiently, while becoming a trusted seller.

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