How to Make Money Dropshipping

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How to Make Money Dropshipping

These days you can buy anything online. Online shopping is currently the largest single marketplace for retail purchases. So whether you are a consumer, retailer, or both, you will want want to understand dropshipping. If you a retailer, you can save on your shipping costs and it is also a lucrative business. This guide will show you how to make money Dropshipping.  

Why Dropship?


Using drop shipping, you can sell basically any product across the spectrum from computers to cars to even food. There are several benefits which include not having to keep your inventory local. Storage space can get expensive, this allows you the freedom to keep small workplace and thus a lower rent. Also, you don't have to worry about packing or shipping. This alone can be a significant cost to your business. If you sell a lot of products then you have to pay people for the time they spend packing as well as shipping costs. 

How Does it Work?

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Companies big and sell use this process including giants like Amazon. With dropshipping, you work with a distributor or wholesaler that offers the service. You do everything from creating the product to marketing it, but when it is time to ship the product the dropshipper takes over. They keep the product in their warehouse and handle all the logistics. Naturally, they charge a fee for this but if you are a medium to large seller then you save a ton of money in overhead expenses. 

How to Become a Dropshipper


The first thing that you have to do is figure out the products that you want to dropship. Since you are taking over the logistics for other companies, you need to figure out which companies sell bulk goods, that take up relatively little space and are quite valuable. Electronics are always an excellent idea in this niche. But there are huge variety of other options. 

Internet Presence

Social Media

The biggest names in dropshipping aren't necessarily those that sell the best products. They are those that know how to use online marketing to their advantage. Develop an online presence early in the game with targetted social media campaigns and promotions. Be sure to figure out what your key demographic is and use the mulititude of Internet tools available at your finger tips. 


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This is what will really make you successful. You need to be able to negotiate for exclusive pricing or distribution rights. Let's say, a product is retailing normally for $20, but you make a deal to buy it in bulk so you can sell it $15. The customers will flock to you. Likewise, if you are the only distribution channel, then customers will use your service. If it is quality, they will continue to come to you in the future to find other products. 


It's just that easy. Dropshipping is the best way to carry out shipping in the 21st century. Retailers benefit from it because they can improve their logistics, reliability while reducing the labor costs. All of this helps them to focus more on their customers. Likewise, it is a great time for individuals to set up dropshipping firms because as more and more retail shifts online, demand for this service is only going to grow!  

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