How to Make a Business Logo

How to Make a Business Logo

So you want to start a business? It does not matter how good your product is, if people are not attracted to your brand. Logos are the most recognized images in the world and can carry your company a long way. We will show you how to make a business logo that will take your business to the next level. 

The Company Name


This is the first thing you need to do. Know the name of your company and makes sure it sounds good. This takes time. You will want to write down a list of different ideas you have. Then try them out on other people and see what they think. 



What kind of images and colors do you want to be associated with your company? There is a certain aesthetic we associate with all big names. Coca-cola is written in cursive and Apple has the bitten apple. Think about what fits your idea. 

Sketch It Out


This can be a little bit hard if you are not artistically inclined, but it is the best way to transform your idea into something concrete. Don't worry if it does not look perfect. This is just the step in creating the image that you want to have

Find a Graphic Designer


Your logo is going to define your company. Unless you are a skilled artist, you need to invest in graphic designer. You can find one that does not work for too much money and can help you take your sketch and make it into something aesthetically pleasing. They can also propose alternate designs and images and help you see your idea from a new angle. They can also make sure that nobody else has attempted this design before so you don't face copyright issue. 



Now that you have your logo, you need to put it everywhere. Get it up on your website, put it on your social media and get some business card. These are things that show the legitimacy of your idea and your company so that you can spread the word about whatever it is that you are doing. 

That's it. With your fantastic logo, you are ready to promote your company. Your logo is going to be the first thing you potential customers interact with, and with a solid one behind you, your company is going to be ready for success! 

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