How to Live Cheaply

There are endless ways to cut down on your costs here and there and still enjoy life to the fullest. Whether you are on a budget until your next salary of have to go on with lifestyle for a little longer due to financial problems, you can easily master the techniques of how to live cheaply and save money in the process.

First and foremost, try to stay calm and stops stressing too much. We know, it’s easy to say, but consciously planning rather than just desperately trying to save money everywhere you can that will help both your mood and your financial situation a lot in the long run.

Prepare It At Home


We know how tempting morning coffees at that cute breakfast place and takeaway food after a long day of work can be, but stick to your plan and prepare food at home. Use a takeaway cup with homemade coffee for work, and prepare lunch or sandwiches the night before. It will save you a surprisingly large amount of money in the long run.

Consider Buying Used Items


If you need a new fridge, washing machine or coffee maker and you don’t have a large budget, try to look for them online. You would be surprised to see how many used items are up for sale – and besides being in an almost new condition, they are usually a lot cheaper as well.

Sell Unused Items


Look around in your house – if there is anything you don’t use anymore, don’t stick with it just because. Try to sell them online on Amazon, Ebay or post it in Facebook groups where you might find potential buyers.

Say Goodbye to Impulse Shopping


This is a huge trap, especially online. You don't really need it, but after passing a shop on the streets or seeing it online, you now want it. Although it’s hard to say no, try to stick with your planned budget instead of making these impulse purchases. Even if it’s a few dollars - multiple impulse buys tend to add up at the end of the month.

Look for Deals and Sales


Spend a little extra time in the supermarket and look for items on sales, or for multiple buy deals. If you see a complete bargain, take it home and alter your cooking list a bit. There are also always sales for cleaning supplies and toiletries, so if you search a bit more and pay attention while shopping, you can save a lot of money each month.

Besides these ideas, you can always think outside of the box and use any other ideas that you may have. If you have a spare room in the house, upload it to Airbnb and let it for tourists, or to make some extra money, try to look for a remote, part-time job. There are endless opportunities if you are searching for them!

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