How to Earn Money Playing E-Sports

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How to Earn Money Playing E-Sports

If you played video games when you are kid, your parents undoubtedly said something like “you’ll never be able to make a living just sitting around playing games all day.” Well, if the recent rise of E-Sports shows us anything, it’s that you can make a ton of money if you are skilled enough. We will give you some tips on how to earn money playing e-sports so you can ride those high scores straight to the bank.



As with anything else, you need to be particularly skilled at one type of game such as RPG, action, sport, etc. Additionally, you will want to focus on one game in particular. Currently, some of the most popular e-sports are League of Legends, Super Smash Brothers Melee, DOTA 2, Overwatch, and Counterstrike.

Get Better

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The people you will compete against have been playing this game for thousands. Just like a real athlete, you need to train and train hard. You need to eat, drink and breathe everything about it. Watch professionals playing it online and read everything you can about it.

Join or Make a Team

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Most popular e-Sports are MMORPG games with massive amounts of players. Each game has famous teams, if you can join one of those that is a good way to increase your visibility. Likewise you can try to make your own team, but it will take some more time for you to build reputation.

Get into Some Tournaments

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There are a ton of tournaments across the world. Just like traditional sports, there may be local matches and you have to win a lot of them and move up into you get into the highest levels of the sport. As you progress, there amount of prize money available in each will increase eventually getting as high as $50,000 to $100,000.

Start a Youtube Travel

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Everyone knows that you can make money with a successful YouTubechannel. What they don’t know is that many e-sports stars already have followings in the millions and their fans can show their support on these pages as well being a great well to earn money from ad revenue.  

Get Sponsored

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Sponsorships are great way to get some cash. If your team is popular enough then the sponsors will come looking for you. They can help you get equipment, jerseys and cash so that you can play with the professionals. Not only this, they can help promote you so that you can play in higher level tournaments or advertise products.

Getting paid to play video games sounds so good that it can’t be true. Well, it is and the best of the best are only getting more successful. So if you think that you have what it takes, then get started training today. And when your parents ask what you are doing, tell them that you a trying to become the best e-athlete in the world!

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