How to be an Expert at Flea Markets

How to be an Expert at Flea Markets

You never know what you might find at flea market. From vintage video game consoles, to antique weaponries to just sweet deals of socks, they seem to have it all. If you want to find the coolest items and negotiate for the best deals then you need to learn how to be an expert at flea markets

Come Early


Many people like to go to flea markets for fun. They browse around and might be up an odd item or two at a low cost. But beware the pros. These hawks roam around scooping up the coolest items before you ever have a chance to see this. For this reason, come early. If you can get there just after the vendors finish setting up then you can really find some cool stuff.

Cash is King


It’s the future so everyone takes cards, right? Or I can just Venmo them! Flea markets play by their own rules so be sure to have plenty of cash on hand. Even if a vendor does take cards, they are very likely to accept a lower price if youpay cash. Also don’t keep your cash in one wad. The line I only have “X” amount of cash can work with even the least flexible sellers.

Solo or With a Friend?


This can cause some arguments. If you both find something you must have then you might have a fight brewing on your hands. Likewise, a browser may not work with the speed you like. Most people advise working alone, but if you have a good partner have an agreement in advance about what to do if you both want to buy the same thing.

Negotiate or Not


Flea markets are one of the few places where you are generally free to do a little bargaining. That said, there is no reason to be hostile. If you choose to haggle, then do so with courtesy. Niceness goes a long way and many vendors will give you something extra if you are friendly or do not try to lower the price too much.

Know Your Prices


There is no excuse to not know how much something should cost. We all carry around little machines (smart phones) that can give you information about almost any item on earth and usually the value for it. If a seller is too high, you can use this as a bargaining tool. It also helps you from accidentally overpaying for something.

Have Fun


Being an expert at flea markets is great, but make sure you have some fun with it. In a world of big box retailers and online sales, they one of the last kinds of traditional markets. In the old days, flea markets were just markets and this is how all shopping was done.

As convenient as things are today, it’s nice to be able to share a connection with the past and see how our ancestors might have done things. So start shopping and start saving today!

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