How to Avoid Student Loans and Debt

How to Avoid Student Loans and Debt

So many people today are suffering under crushing student debt. Don't let this dash your college aspirations. You can still get the education you need without having to spend decades paying it back. This guide will show you how to avoid student loans and debt so that you can be on your way to financial stability. 



If you can think of it, there is a scholarship for it. You don't even have to be the best student in the world. Generally the more local, the better your odds are. Most counties have a foundation so check into that. Also whatever your hobby or passion is, you might be able to scholarship for. Do some research and you will see. 

Choose Your Major Wisely


The most important thing is what you study. These days computer science, medical, and science jobs are the highest paying. Similiarly, philosophy majors from Harvard even tend to struggle. Find a field you are interested in that also will help you quickly pay off any debt you might accrue. 

Choose Your School Wisely


Private schools are notoriously expensive. Do you research. There are thousands of universities out there. Chances are you can find a good combination of school that is strong in the field you are interested in, is not too expensive and located where you want to be. 

Community College


Most people don't want to take this option, but it is the best way to save money. These days many community colleges are free or next to free. You can transfer to even the best schools after a couple years of solid studying and saving yourself thousands of dollars. 

Work Study


Many schools also offer work study program. In exchange for reduced tuition and sometimes even a stipend, you work on campus in jobs like the library or other areas. They are not only a great way to reduce how much you spend, but also network within the university. 

There you have it! There are so many easy ways for you to save money so that you don't have to worry about going into debt. With that in mind, what are you going to study? 

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